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诺霸系列扭矩产品全部在诺霸位于英国Banbury的工厂生产制造。该工厂通过了ISO 9001体系认证,确保诺霸能够提供全球同步的优质产品和服务。

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Ask the 'Voice of Torque'

Ask the Voice of Torque


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Coporate Social Responsibility

Norbar Torque Tools has been involved in the local economy for over 60 years since its foundation in 1942 when it began making a torque wrench.  Norbar tends not to advertise/publicise the community/charity work that it is involved in, although it was awarded the Community Involvement Award by the South East England Development Agency at the Sustainable Business Awards 2006. Norbar’s commitment to Banbury and the local area takes many forms. In sport it supports Banbury’s football, cricket and rugby teams. Norbar provides the opportunity for employees to sit on the local Chamber of Commerce, charitable bodies and civic committees. It also facilitates mentoring of school projects and work placements.


Norbar Torque Tools supports local football team Banbury United

The Norbar Employee Handbook states that one of the guiding principles is “The employees of the Company while pursuing its objectives must do so in a manner that is both environmentally and socially responsible”. In 2007 the Company began a partnership with a charity called Tolerence International to calculate carbon emissions and Norbar has committed to a 5 year program of offsetting them.  This is being achieved by funding a village community in Peru to reforest 30 acres of land that had been slashed and burnt.  In general the business does not have a “high” environmental impact and minimises it by following principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Norbar Torque Tools in partnership with Tolerance International to offset carbon emissions                      TICOFF

Norbar Torque Tools Ltd is commited to reducing CO2 emissions and offsetting the remainder of its emissions through reforestation and renewable energy projects which benefit local, impoverished communities in the Peruvian Amazon pioneered by Tolerance International CO2 free forum (TICOFF)

The Company has always attempted to work with supplying companies with similar ethics and views. We have created partnerships with our suppliers, a number of which are also our customers.

Employees are recognised as key stakeholders in the company and the average length of employment is over 11 years.  After 5 years the employees achieve Long Service Employee Status and are then eligible for enhanced benefits.  In addition, up to 30% of the Profit is shared amongst the employees (excluding Directors) via a Bonus scheme. Communication with  employees is via sunrise meetings and fortnightly team briefs.  In addition there are  Information Boards (Torque Boards) situated in various parts of the business, a Health and Safety committee and the Employees’ Council. Norbar  also publishes a half yearly internal newsletter called Torque Back.

The current Directors are the third generation to be running the family business.  The mission statement reads:  “To be the best Torque Tool Company in the world.  Respected, profitable and a great place to work.”  One of the key words in that statement is “respected” and the family have always operated with the highest level of integrity. Apart from being the only correct way to do business, in the long term it pays dividends with customers as they know they can trust Norbar.
This trust comes in part from the involvement that the Company has within it’s own industrial sector. The Norbar Managing Director is Vice President of the Comité Européen d’Outillage, the European Hand Tools Association and President of the Federation of British Hand Tool Manufacturers. There is a stable customer base with a significant number of our distributors having worked with the Company for over 20 years.  Approximately 80% of sales are repeat business with existing customers and the balance is from increased presence in key markets. 


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